Steps To Ensure A Successful Interview

Courtney Steele Advice

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​Finding a new job with Alexander Steele makes searching a lot easier. We will do all that we can to guide you through each stage of the process from selecting the job that you want all the way through to your start date and beyond. Throughout, we aim to do as much as we can for you, but there is one stage that we can’t control and we know it can be the most daunting stage of all; the interview.

So even though we can’t be right there beside you on the day, we have written some tips to help settle any pre-interview nerves.

Do Your Research

It is really important to connect with your interviewer and find some common ground, the easiest way to do this of course is to show your genuine interest in the company you are applying to work for. An ability to prove that you have done some independent research will really impress and ensure they know that you are serious about taking the role. Talk about what they do, who their market are and any recent news you’ve learned about the company.

Be on time

Make sure that the night before your interview you figure out exactly where you are going and plan your route around any usual traffic that would occur around your interview time. Arriving 10-15 minutes early shows punctuality and being able to sit down and take a breather before entering the interview room will keep you looking cool, calm and collected.

Take a Breath

Try not to let any nerves get the better of you and take a breather whilst you are waiting to go into your interview. At this point, you will be well prepared so any last minute panicking won’t help. Try and take your mind somewhere else and relax.

Dress Appropriately

No matter what kind of job you are applying for; dress professionally. It may not be what you wear every day but walking into an interview and looking smart will not only show that you take the meeting and business seriously, but it will make you feel good too!

Have Presence

When walking into an interview room, it is really important to stand tall, be confident and take control of the room. Remember, we wouldn’t have put you forward for this role if we didn’t know you could do the job! Scientific research shows that we judge a person within the first seven seconds of meeting them, so first impressions really do count! Shake your interviewers hand firmly, sit up straight and keep your arms relaxed. All of these things will show that you take this interview seriously and will help your interviewer to instantly engage with you.

Build Rapport With Your Interviewer

Remember that your interviewer is really just another person, they have hobbies and interests just like you and they were once in your shoes as the interviewee. Be professional but also friendly and communicate to them that you are listening carefully and understand anything they are telling you.

Know Your Role

It may seem obvious, but it is really important to know the role you are applying for. This goes back to doing your research. A role with the same job title may mean slightly different things within different companies. Discuss any insight that you have and what you specifically can bring to the role, what sets you apart from other applicants?


Every interview is different but search online for help with interview techniques and you will always come across preparation for the common questions. No matter what role or business you are applying for, questions like, ‘Why do you want to work here?’, ‘Give examples of your strengths and weaknesses.’ are bound to come up. Be prepared for those and not only will you give well thought out, intelligent answers but it will also make you feel more confident walking into the room.

Take Control

Remember, this is your interview. There must be things that you want to know about the role, so don’t let the interviewer ask all the questions, ask your own too. You will leave the interview feeling so much more informed and it leaves the interviewer with the impression that you are interested and engaging.

End on a Positive Note

When the interview draws to an end, thank the interviewer for their time and let them know something positive you have taken away from the meeting. Simply leaving with a smile on your face will make a lasting impression.

We hope that our top tips to a successful interview have been useful but if you are still unsure about anything before your interview, just ask Alexander! Our friendly team have been through this all themselves and have lots more advice for you should you need it.