What Makes A Great CV

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How To Write A Great Cv

One of the questions we always get asked is how to write a great CV. There is so much conflicting advice out there. Do you keep it long or short? How far back in your employment history should you go? Should you add a picture? Should it be eye-catching or professional?

We spend a lot of time looking through CVs so we like to think ourselves somewhat expert when it comes to what appeals to an employer. Read our tips below and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Keep It Simple

First things first, what should your CV look like? Let’s be honest, an employer is not going to hire you because your CV is pink and glittery or you’ve somehow made it 3D. Employers are looking for content in your CV, let the content speak for you and don’t let over-bearing aesthetics take away from what you have to offer a role! Following on from this, if it doesn’t matter what you look like to do a job, you don’t need to add a picture!

Think About The Role You Are Applying For

Most people have one CV that they send out for all the jobs that they apply for. Our advice? Take that little bit of extra time during the application process and instead of just uploading your generic CV, think about the role and company you are applying for and what skills or experience you have that would be favourable to this specific employer.

Blow Your Own Trumpet!

It is so easy to write about the jobs you have had and what your responsibilities were but what most people aren’t very good at is describing what they achieved! Remember, you are the commodity in this circumstance so sell yourself! Think about what you have done that you have felt proud of or had high praise for and list it. The person reading your CV wants to be impressed, so impress them!

Keep It Short and Sweet

If you have had a long career, don’t feel you have to write each of the jobs you have done over the last thirty years and a description, responsibilities and achievements for each. Focus your CV on the last ten years and add the rest in a more compact list form including only job title and company.


This one may seem really obvious but you would be surprised by how many mistakes we see! Read through your CV once it is written and make sure your dates, spelling and grammar are correct. It is a simple thing but ensures you make the right first impression!

We hope these simple tips help you when writing or re-writing your CV but it goes without saying that if you would like any more advice on this or anything else, we are here to help! Just click to chat or give us a call, we would be delighted to hear from you!