Why Recruiting In December Could Give You The Edge On Your Competitors

Courtney Steele Alexander Steele News

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Black Friday weekend is behind us, the run up to Christmas is officially on and most of our minds are somewhere between Michael Bublé and Mince Pies.

This is why December can be regarded as the slowest month of the year for recruitment, but it could be an opportunity for you to gain advantage on your competition. For many companies, hiring new staff doesn’t seem like a priority as the year draws to a close, but for candidates, the end of a year can be the trigger to start looking for new opportunities.

We have no doubt that you have big goals for your business in 2019 and you are already planning ahead in how to achieve these goals, so why not plan ahead in finding the right people to achieve them with you? By scheduling calls and interviews with this new talent pool during December, you could be one step ahead of the competition in finding the best your industry has to offer and halting them in their search before others start to recruit in the new year!

The candidates we are speaking to at the moment are excited by the prospect of hitting the ground running with a new job and a new chapter in January, so contact us now and discuss your plans for next year, we will be happy to assist you in staying ahead of the game!