Ask The Consultant – Why Did You Decide To Join A Start Up?

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Depending on your outlook, leaving a stable job in an established company to join a start-up can either seem like a big risk or a big opportunity.

When Richard and Courtney decided to start Alexander Steele, they needed to find somebody who shared their thoughts that in order to get great reward, you must take risks.

Enter Ryan Robinson, our now Managing Consultant. Ryan is a highly skilled and experienced recruitment consultant and has worked for two of Scotland’s key recruitment agencies. At almost 30 years old and with a family to support, some may have questioned his decision to leave a stable job to work for a newly established company, so what does a start-up like Alexander Steele have to offer that other jobs don’t? Let’s ask him!

What was the key factor in your decision to join Alexander Steele?

Richard. Having worked for him before, I knew that we worked well together. I saw the ambition of the business and how successful it could be. I wanted to be a part of that success.

Was it a hard decision to make?

To be honest, no it was not. I have worked for Richard before, he gave me my first ever job in recruitment and was my first manager in the recruitment world. Knowing the investment behind Alexander Steele and the business plan and structure in place, I knew that it would be a success.

What did you worry about most? How was this worry alleviated?

I really didn’t worry. The only reason that I would have to worry is if I did not back myself as a recruiter. I knew that if I worked hard and continued to do what I have been doing for 5 years, everything would be fine.

How do you find working for a young employer?

Honestly, I love it. It is exciting every single day.

What in your daily working routine has changed now you are working for Alexander Steele?

A lot, and yet at the same time not very much, if that makes any sense. My routine is very much the same, I get into work for 8am and leave at around 5.30pm every evening. During the day there is a lot more to do with regards to keeping on top of all the clients and candidates. With Alexander Steele having unprecedented success so early on, we are extremely busy, and it feels as if the phones never stop ringing. You just feel like work never stops, but because it is so enjoyable you also don’t feel like you are working.

Do you feel a change in environment when compared with other places you have worked?

Yea, there is a lot that is different but all in a positive way. It is good that we can look back on experience and use what was good and take away what was bad and what we didn’t like. As the company grows, no doubt things will change again, but change is good, and you need to embrace it.

In what ways do you see the progression of your career changing now that you are working for Alexander Steele?

Working for Alexander Steele has given me an opportunity to really take my career to the next level. The sky is literally the limit. I came in right at the start and have been on the journey from that point, so I have every opportunity to do what I want with my career. Richard saw the potential in me, and I hope to repay him 100 times over for that faith. I have seen the potential in what Alexander Steele could be and it is genuinely so exciting to think about what lies ahead for 1, 3 or even 5 years’ time!

What advice would you give to somebody considering joining a start up?

Do it. Jump right in with both feet and don’t look back.

We are always interested in hearing from ambitious individuals who are keen to be part of our growth. If you think a career at Alexander Steele Recruitment could be for you, get in touch!