Lidl Forge Ahead In The Fight Against Food Waste

Courtney Steele Industry News

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At Alexander Steele, we are passionate about companies who do what they can for the environment and the communities around us.

There is a huge problem with the amount of food waste in this country. In 2018, it was estimated that a third of all fresh fruit and veg in the UK ends up in the bin and this problem is multiplied when you combine it with our issues around food poverty and homelessness.

The University of Edinburgh conducted a study into this and described food loss and waste as ‘one of the great scourges of our time’, when ten percent of the world’s population is chronically hungry.

Their findings stated: ‘The use of aesthetics for classifying and accepting fresh food for sale and consumption is built into food quality standards and regulations of the European Union.

‘Produce that doesn’t meet these standards may be lost from the food supply chain, never seeing a supermarket shelf – it may not get past the supplier, or even leave the farm.’

‘Our estimates suggest over a third of total farm production is lost for aesthetic reasons.’

We have watched as supermarkets brought in ‘wonky veg’ at reduced prices and out of date food has gone towards homeless shelters, but we are delighted to see that supermarket chain, Lidl, have now taken this one step further and are now selling 5kg boxes of fruits and vegetables that are slightly damaged, discoloured or deteriorated, but are still good to eat for only £1.50! Those boxes that are not sold by midday will then be donated to local good causes through Lidl’s surplus food redistribution programme, Feed it Back.

We love this ongoing movement and how it benefits everybody… all farm produce enters the market, more affordable fruits and vegetables for the consumer makes healthy living more accessible to everybody and on top of that our local charities benefit from what is not used!

Lidl’s scheme will roll out across all stores in the UK soon, we’re off to google soup recipes!