The ‘Plastic Road Company’ Opens Its First Factory In Lockerbie

Courtney Steele Industry News

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We have blogged previously about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and the ways that manufacturing is changing to try to combat this.

Today, we learned of MacRebur, a manufacturer who have brought their process in house and opened their first factory right here in Scotland. MacRebur are not a manufacturer changing their process to combat the effects of plastics but the company exists solely to produce a mix made completely from plastic waste.

East Ayrshire Council are already trialling the ‘plastic-roads’ and MacRebur count Gleneagles Hotel as a customer after resurfacing their grounds with their ‘special mix’.

A one-kilometre stretch of road made with its mix would use the equivalent of about 684,000 plastic bottles or 1.8m single-use plastic bags.

The new factory will granulate rubbish which would otherwise have gone to landfill. The granules are then mixed with an activator to make the plastic bind before being bagged ready to be distributed to asphalt producers.

The company said its mix allowed the bitumen used in the production of asphalt to be extended and enhanced, reducing the amount of fossil fuel used.

And it’s not just good news for the environment if our roads are resurfaced by MacRebur, we all know how irritating potholes can be and drivers could benefit from ‘plastic roads’ too…

Chief executive of MacRebur, Toby McCartney said: “Our technology means that we can not only help solve the problem of plastic waste but also produce roads that cope better with changes in the weather, reducing cracks and potholes.

“That’s because our roads are more flexible thanks to the properties of the plastic used in them, so although a MacRebur road looks the same as any other, it has improved strength and durability.

“Our technology also means there are no plastic micro beads present in the mix and we can even recycle the road at the end of its lifespan, creating a circular economy that is sustainable and cost effective.”

MacRebur roads have already been laid around the world from Australia to Yorkshire using plastic waste processed by waste companies but their goal is to keep our waste close to home.

Mr McCartney said: “Our ultimate aim is for local rubbish to be used in local roads and MacRebur factories will help us achieve this by allowing waste plastic to be processed and mixed with our additive for use in asphalt.”

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