Could This Be The Saving Grace For Dietary Restricted Chocoholics?

Courtney Steele Industry News

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The vegan sector of the Food and Drink industry has increased hugely with the population of veganism more than tripling in the last 10 years in the UK. This is mainly due to a demand for the prevention of exploiting animals or to contribute stopping the impacts the meat industry has on the environment.

However, a common sacrifice noted amongst vegans is their sweet tooth. This is due to the common use of milk and other animal biproducts in chocolate bars. Nevertheless, a new chocolate bar collection is determined to terminate this.

Kinnerton Norfolk Factory have released that they are preparing to produce more than 3,000 vegan and ‘free-from’ chocolate bars in 2019 for the new chocolate brand NOMO in four different flavours – Creamy Choc, Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Sea Salt and Fruit and Crunch starting at 90p per bar. The aim of NOMO is for everyone to have access to a sweet treat no matter your dietary requirement.

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