Ask The Consultant – Why Did You Decide To Join Alexander Steele?

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The Recruitment Industry is extremely competitive and growing rapidly. For established consultants and those looking to go into this line of work, there is a huge amount of choice when considering what company to work for and what market to work within.

Finding our niche and the factor that made consultants want to work with us over any other agency was incredibly important to the ethos behind Alexander Steele. The working environment here is and will always continue to be something we pride ourselves upon so, we thought we would get the opinions of Calum Addison, our newest consultant and see how we are doing…

What was the key factor in your decision to join the Alexander Steele team?

I was/am excited by the opportunity to work for a company from the ground up and all the opportunities that came within that.

You worked in recruitment 6 years ago but then moved into a different line of work, what made you want to join the industry again?

I left to go into a different kind of sales role but I wanted to come back into recruitment, within Alexander Steele, because of the opportunities it presented. Working within any recruitment company offers the chance of progression but I felt that joining a brand new company offered me the career progression to match my goals.

Was it a difficult decision to make?

No it wasn’t at all, having worked with Managing Director, Richard Steele before, I trusted him and knew it would be a success.

Did you have any worries joining a start-up company? If so, how were they alleviated?

There are obviously concerns around it, there is an element of risk but the company has been set up well and when you see the structure in place and the backing behind it, concerns disappeared.

How do you find working for a young employer? Is this new to you?

It’s great fun, there is chat in the office but also focus when there needs to be. It is a very social place which suits me.

Have you seen any notable differences in your daily working routine now that you are working for Alexander Steele?

Having the freedom to run my own desk with the support of the team means I can work more efficiently in the way that works for me.

How about the working environment – how does it compare to previous places that you have worked?

It is a much more relaxed and enjoyable place to be, when there is work to be done it is done but everyone in the office gets on really well.

In what ways do you see the progression of your career changing now that you are working for Alexander Steele?

With any start up there are opportunities when you get in at the ground level. There are many different directions my career could go as the company grows, areas that I may not have considered before and that I can focus on that in older more established companies I wouldn’t have had the freedom to consider.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to somebody going into recruitment, what would it be?

Hard work – you get what you put into it. Also to have focus on what you are wanting to achieve from the start. If you are wanting a 9-5 job recruitment isn’t for you, you’ll work longer hours but the rewards are worth it.

We are always interested in hearing from ambitious individuals who are keen to be part of our growth. If you think a career at Alexander Steele Recruitment could be for you, get in touch!