Scotland, The Land of Food and Drink – £30bn Plan

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Scotland The Land Of Fod £30bn Plan 4

For its sixth annual food and drink report, Bank of Scotland surveyed 100 Scottish food manufacturers where more than two thirds of firms said they are planning to pursue new international customers over the next 5 years in response to the Brexit vote. The industry is further predicted to increase its turnover by 24% over this period.

This is great news for potential employees as Scotland’s growing food and drink sector is expected to create more than 18,000 new jobs, more than doubling the current figure. And employers are investing in their staff through skills development in order to make their businesses more productive – this has grown from 31% to 45% over the past year.

Food and drink is one of Scotland’s largest industry and is one the best performing sectors of the economy with customers increasingly demanding Scottish produce on menus such as meat, seafood and whiskey – valuing the industry at a massive £14billion. Regional Director of Bank of Scotland, Jane Clark-Hutchison says, “it is an ambitious sector, with plans led by Scotland Food and Drink to grow to £30bn by 2030”. This plan will increase Scotland’s presence in the global food and drink market not just through the taste and quality but through the wider story around Scotland as a ‘Land of Food and Drink’ from heritage, responsibility and people who care about their products. The report further gives us an insight into the industry that remains prosperous despite the current dubious political climate.

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