Snap, Crackle & Pop Are All Grown Up!

Courtney Steele Industry News

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Kellogg’s have announced an innovative new way they are becoming more sustainable by inserting their rejected famous cereals into the beer market. This new scheme will revive your nostalgic side as the subtle flavours take you back to munching on coco pops and rice crispies before the daily school run!

The new craft beers include the flavours; ‘Sling It Out Stout’ – a chocolate stout brewed from upcycled coco pops and ‘Cast Off Pale Ale’ – full of snap, crackle and pop – a double dry hopped pale ale brewed using rejected rice crispies, giving it a sweeter flavour.

Kellogg’s strict quality control whilst creating their cereals, including how well cooked the product is, size and colour means that there is more than enough cereal to create an entirely new beer line and give these crispies and pops a second life.

This approach of using straight up breakfast cereal is a brand-new phenomenon and the new drinks will form part of a three beer collection after Seven Bro7hers released the tasteful ‘Throw Away IPA’ last November using imperfect cornflakes. Therefore, Kellogg’s partnership with the Manchurian brewery is unsurprising as their aim to “convert every kilo of grain we buy into food that we can sell” is met. Not only that, but this eco-friendly move sees the brand opening themselves up to a whole new market and demographic.

Keith McAcvo, Seven Bro7ers company founder, says “we are extremely proud to be working with Kellogg’s and being part of the fight against food waste”. The beers are currently being sold on tap across Manchester in Seven Bro7hers Brewery pubs, however, if you are not in this area the beers are available to buy online via their website and there are also plans for Ocado and Selfridges to stock the drinks.

It is so refreshing to see big brands within our sector, like Kellogg’s and Seven Bro7hers Brewery working together to join the push against food waste. If you are a company looking for talent to join the food and drink industry, or if you are the talent wanting to move into or within this sector – Ask Alexander as we’d be happy to help you make this happen!