The Royal Highland Show 2019

Courtney Steele Industry News

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Record numbers attended the 179th annual Scottish Royal Highland Show over the weekend with almost 200,000 attendees – bringing in a staggering, estimated £65million into Scotland’s economy. Prize money and trophies also collectively being valued at £2million were distributed to winning livestock exhibitors for the ‘Scottish Championships’ and agri-manufacturers in the ‘Technical Innovation Awards’.

The Championships for Bread, Dairy, Honey and Handcrafts help distinguish excellence within Scotland’s unique industry and are recognised as valuable assets to a business if they are to win. For example, the Dairy Championships contain four sub sections of prizes for cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and butter. This is fantastic in helping small businesses gain recognition as they are able to enter alongside larger national businesses.

The Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland announced there was one Gold, six Silver and four Certificates of Commendations awarded to food producers such as South Caernarfon Creameries and Peter Equi & Sons Ltd. These are highly respected awards for manufacturers, distributers, providers and inventors as they showcase and reward cutting-edge inventions and development within the flourishing agriculture sector.

The Royal Highland show has something for everyone at all ages with hundreds of food stalls from cheeses to meats to classic Scottish sweets which can be sampled at ‘Scotland’s Larder Live’ for all you foodies! This is great opportunity to discover loads of local and unique food producers and learn about food provenance, regionality and seasonality.

We are so proud to have such an incredible show of the best of food and drink manufacturing in Scotland, right on our doorstep and our congratulations go to all of the winners this weekend!

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