Why Join The CNC Job Market?

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​The CNC market is an ever-growing industry with a very high demand for employment – mainly due to the lack of young apprentices joining the workforce and an ageing workforce at the top.

The industries with a particular interest in recruiting new CNC employees are all over the UK within the aerospace and oil and gas. However – if you don’t have experience in any of these fields you can still apply as one of the many perks of joining the CNC industry is that a candidate does not need experience within a particular field, as all backgrounds are being considered by employers.

This is due to businesses being more susceptible to accepting candidates with experience in all aspects of CNC machinery in a range of programmes.

An additional perk in joining this industry is the security and stability of employment due to the afore mentioned high demand for skilled employers. This isn’t showing any signs of slowing down – even within our current political uncertainty with Brexit looming. This means a chance to develop your career is very likely, making it a very exciting opportunity for ambitious CNC machinists.

The interviewing process for a job opportunity within this market is very quick and many businesses have cut down to phone interviews or a one-stage process to recruit good talent speedily. Therefore, candidates can potentially be hired and start work within weeks of applying.

Due to the constant development of technology, employees will have the opportunity to work with new state of the art technology which further betters the work environment and gives you the opportunity a chance to learn new skills on the job.

At Alexander Steele, we are constantly working with our clients within the precision engineering industry and have built up a fantastic database of CNC talent. If you’re looking to recruit machinists please get in touch with us and see how we can simplify your hiring process. If you are looking for a role within the industry, submit to us your CV and one of our consultants will contact you!