Ask The Consultant – Why Did You Choose A Career In Recruitment?

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Making the decision to start a new career or change employers can seem like a daunting prospect but the newest member of our team did just that! After a career working for RBS and with a focus to work in a role where he was able to interact with people and make a positive impact, he decided that recruitment was the right career choice for him.

Read on to see how he is finding things one month into his new role…

What was the key factor in your decision to join Alexander Steele?

The potential for how the business could grow was very easy to see. The passion that Richard, Courtney, Ryan and Calum have for Alexander Steele was obvious and something I wanted to be part of.

 Before joining Alexander Steele, you hadn’t worked in recruitment before. What made you decide to switch careers? What was it about Alexander Steele that drew you towards us as opposed to another consultancy?

I enjoy speaking and interacting with people. In recruitment, you not only do this but get satisfaction from progressing people’s careers. That was a big draw for me, so this role felt like a natural progression for my career.

I chose Alexander Steele over other agencies because it is still young. I am an ambitious person and to me, being part of a journey and being able to make a direct impact in growing a business is exciting.

 Was it a difficult decision to make?

After meeting with Richard and Courtney, I had no reservations that this was the company I wanted to be a part of.

 Did you have any worries at all when joining a start-up company? If so, how were they alleviated?

 I didn’t have any worries about joining a new business, I just wanted to make sure that I added value.

 Have you seen any notable differences in your daily working routine now that you are working for Alexander Steele?

Commuting is the biggest difference for me, getting the train each morning is a bit of a change. The working day is much more enjoyable as you can see the end benefit when placing someone in a new role, so staying later or coming in earlier doesn’t feel like a chore.

How about the working environment – how does it compare to previous places that you have worked?

This role is very much self-driven, which I really enjoy. You manage your own desk which is brilliant as you can manage your time as you see fit, this gives you a feeling of more responsibility and a deeper job satisfaction.

 In what ways do you see the progression of your career changing now that you are working for Alexander Steele?

I can see myself growing with the company, moving into a management role in the future.

 If there was one piece of advice you could give to somebody considering a career in recruitment, what would it be?

If you enjoy interacting with people and you have ambition, it’s the ideal job, go for it!

We are looking to expand our team, so if a career with Alexander Steele could be for you, please get in touch!