What To Do When You Don’t Get The Job

Courtney Steele Advice

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At our very core, we as human beings are social animals. Where other animals learn about their worlds from the five senses, humans essentially learn from each other. It is human nature to yearn for a sense of belonging and that is why, despite rejection being inevitable in our lives; the sting never fades.

So, if the sting of rejection is inevitable, then how we deal with it becomes crucial.

As recruitment consultants it is our job to find our clients the best person for their role and find our candidates the best job to enhance their career. In an ideal world everybody would come out of these processes completely content but the reality is that if multiple candidates go forward for a role, not everybody will get the job.

You’ve impressed at the first interview, had great feedback and visualized yourself excelling in the role. So, if you do fall at that final hurdle; here is our advice on how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and stay focused, because something even better may be right around the corner.

It’s not personal – Focus on the positive

Naturally, you may feel like this is a personal decision. You’ve met with these people, talked with them and felt the conversation went well so it can feel that way. Remember that hiring decisions are based on a mixture of factors. The hiring manager may have felt the conversation went really well too but hiring someone is based on a variety of factors from experience levels to culture fit. Try not to focus on any personal feelings you have and focus on any positive feedback that you are given. If you felt the interview went well then there will almost certainly be some and you can take that into your next interview.

Ask for feedback

Speaking of feedback, make sure that you get it! At Alexander Steele, we know the importance of this stage in the hiring process and we always endeavor to get you the most thorough feedback that we can. Usually, this is a combination of both positive and critical and we will present this to you constructively so that you can consider these points and use them to go forward in your job search feeling more informed.

Be gracious and think about the future

We know that you may feel frustrated after hearing that you didn’t get the job, particularly if you still feel that you would have been great for it!

Try not to be defensive and take the rejection graciously, you never know when you may cross paths with the company or hiring manager again. If you haven’t already, consider connecting with those that you have met during the process on LinkedIn and thanking them for their time. If still interested, you could also use this time to request that the company keep you in mind for any further opportunities.

Review the process

Set aside some time in your day to consider the hiring process from start to finish. Analyse your feedback and consider if there is anything you would have changed.

This is a great time to work on your interview skills and reflect on ways that you can improve your chances of landing that next opportunity!

Our consultants are always available to discuss a process with you and help in any way they can. The relationship you will build with them means that they are always striving to do their best for you and they will continue to search for your next opportunity. If you are currently searching for a new role or you have a vacancy that you need to fill, get in touch, we always love to hear from you!