Working From Home - How To Structure and Stay Sane!

Courtney Steele Advice

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Over the last couple of weeks, we have all sat and monitored the worldwide news as the coronavirus spread from China, across each country and tornadoed its way towards the UK. As the number of cases increases by the day, we all bear the responsibility of doing what we can to protect the most vulnerable amongst us from catching this virus.

One of the key features of doing this is ‘social-distancing’ and as we partake in this form of isolation, many of us find ourselves in unchartered territory… working from home.

Although on the outset, many will have thought… oh great, a longer lie in the morning and no commuting on packed trains… we know that the novelty quickly wears off as the monotony of being in one place all day sinks in.

So, we spoke to those we know for whom working from home is a regular thing and put our ideas into a daily plan to help you stay productive, healthy….and sane!

7am(ish): Try to avoid the temptation of a lie in and instead, wake up at the same time as you usually would to head to the office. Look on the positive side; you’ve just gained however much time you would normally spend commuting to put into something else. What can you do with this extra time? Go for a jog, get your housework done, facetime your family? Start your day with something that makes you feel good and set the mood for the day.

8.45am: Sit down at your desk (or dining table!) 15 minutes before you are due to start work. Use this time to plan and structure your day. Separate your workday into ‘sections’ and set yourself small, realistic goals for each time-frame. The feeling of achieving these things will keep you going throughout the day. As well as goals for work-based activity, set yourself a task to complete in the home each day too, this a great time to clear out that cupboard you don’t want to open!

1pm: Lunchtime! If you are able, get your steps in! More time at home, means a lot less movement. Gentle exercise, fresh air followed by something nutritious for lunch will set you up for the afternoon.

5pm: As your workday draws to a close, dinner is probably on your mind. It’s time to be inventive, try out a new recipe! This is also a great time to try out new ways of socialising. Speak to your friends or family and decide on a meal that you can all make at the same time, then set up facetime, sit together and enjoy!

9pm: Keeping a positive mind set is crucial if we are to stay happy and healthy but these are stressful and uncertain times for everybody. Before you head to bed, take some time out to practice a gentle yoga sequence or some meditation, this might be something you’ve never considered before but give it a try, what have you got to lose!

We hope that these tips on how to structure your day at home will help, even just a little. We are all in this together and if there is anything that any of us at Alexander Steele can do for you, just pick up the phone or chat to us online. We love hearing from you!