Ask The Consultant - What It's Really Like To Be A New Consultant At Alexander Steele Recruitment

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Tinashe joined our Manchester office in the summer and since then we have seen him go from strength to strength and receive glowing praise from new clients. He has embraced all that is the UK and Alexander Steele life and brought a new energy to our team. As his first quarter came to an end, we caught up with him to find out how he feels his time with us so far has gone and what he feels the future holds...

"My first three months Alexander Steele Recruitment have been a great learning as well as rewarding experience. Having recently relocated from South Africa to the UK, the coaching, mentorship, and support offered during the induction period made for a seamless transition. The initial one-on-one informal introductory discussions with each member of the team helped to acquaint me and establish a good working relationship with the rest of the team.

The leadership team is made up of forward thinking, seasoned, as well as ambitious recruitment professionals who encourage an entrepreneurship culture as well as the autonomy to manage your desk. There is an open-door policy which provides easy flow of information should you ever need any guidance or a second opinion. There is healthy competition amongst the team, and we all collaborate well and encourage each other to do our best. We also have regular social and fun get-togethers that boost morale and rapport amongst the team.

Coming with 10 years recruitment experience gained with a leading search business in the South African FMCG market has provided me with a strong foundation and a set of transferable skills that have helped me to adapt well to the UK market. It was a welcome surprise to realise that the same recruitment processes and systems that I utilised in South Africa, also apply within this market.

What has been an interesting challenge is getting to know the different companies as well as their area of speciality. The Food & Drinks industry on its own here is very dynamic, with so many different players comprising of large blue-chip companies as well as several relatively new SME’s that are growing at a rapid pace with increasing staffing requirements. The FMCG consumer goods, home and personal care industry is also equally vibrant and diverse; so, it is never a dull moment and I am constantly required to think out of the box.

​Overall, it has been a great first quarter and I am looking forward to a long and successful tenure at Alexander Steele. "