Ask The Consultant - Your New Role As Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Clarke Smith Senior Recruitment Consultant (2)

Last month we were pleased to announce the promotion of our longest standing team member, Clarke Smith. Clarke has shown consistent growth since he launched his career in recruitment and continues to show his value amongst his peers as he offers support and guidance to his colleagues. We are extremely proud of his development.

Clarke started working at Alexander Steele in 2019 with a background in telephone sales. He has faced multiple challenges throughout his early career as a result of the pandemic but has persevered and risen to each one, so it is great to be able to share and celebrate his achievements. We have, since his promotion, sat down with him and asked him about his thoughts on his new role as Senior Recruitment Consultant.

Did you think you would get here by year 3 in this business?

I was striving to achieve the next step at Alexander Steele but I am proud to have achieved this with no background in recruitment before joining the business.

What made you want to achieve this next step?

As a sportsman, I am naturally competitive and always looking for ways to test myself and grow my skillset, moving into a senior role does exactly this. I really enjoy being challenged and I believe the additional responsibilities of this role will do that.

Why do you feel like you are ready to take on senior consultant?

I feel it was the natural next step for me, having developed my own work and ways of work. It allows me to help individuals that have recently started, highlighting what ways work better than others and possibly showing what not to do…

What do you expect to change within your role?

I believe that you need to be consistent in recruitment, day to day nothing major will change. However, my role already is forever changing due to the nature of recruitment, which puts emphasis on constantly learning new methods and approaches.

What do you hope you will bring to the table in your new role?

I hope to bring an energy and enthusiasm along with solid knowledge in recruitment and my sector that will support and help my colleagues, this will allow them to grow personally and professionally. Alongside this, continuing growing my own personal brand throughout Scotland in Food and Drink Manufacturing is a strong focus of mine. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is being able to support Giuseppe in growing our team in Edinburgh.

Do you feel there has already been a change in your work or approach to work?

As I said, in recruitment its vital to be consistent and having a key eye to detail along with looking for ways to hone your processes and refine them. So more of the same I would say!