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​Last month, we were overjoyed to give yet another one of our consultants a promotion. Tracey Fleming has only been working within recruitment for a year but for us, promotions are not solely based on time served or figures. Tracey is consistently growing as a consultant and is eager to learn more about recruitment, her hunger to thrive within Alexander Steele and to make active contributions makes her so deserving of her new role as Senior Recruitment Consultant!

After a successful career in a different sales environment, Tracey made the brave career move into recruitment last year. She is hands on when mentoring new consultants and makes a real impact in the office. She has brought in multiple new clients and excels in matching candidates with these businesses month upon month. We look forward to being a part of Tracey’s continued development and sat down with her to get her thoughts on what’s to come from her future at Alexander Steele Recruitment.

Going into your annual review, did you think a promotion might be on the cards so soon?

Never! I was like a rabbit in the headlights this time last year when I first joined! I had never worked in the recruitment industry before. I still can’t believe it to be honest!

You joined us after a long and successful career in ad sales, what made you want to move into recruitment?

I have always wanted to work in recruitment. When I was at University, a friend of mine was a recruitment consultant, she loved it and I wanted a bit of that job satisfaction that she seemed to get. Back in 2008, I interviewed with a couple of recruitment companies. One of them advised me to get 6 months sales experience and then go back to them and interview again…I set out to do that! I joined The Scotsman Newspaper as a Media sales consultant with every intention of going back to the recruiter for another interview with some sales experience under my belt, but I was getting lots of success in my sales role, so I stayed. After 13 brilliant years and a couple of promotions, I decided that recruitment was the next career choice for me…I think I got enough sales experience in that time to start interviewing for recruitment again!!

Do you have new any plans / ideas for your senior consultant role?

To continue learning and developing so that I can be the best advisor to my clients and candidates.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as senior consultant?

I think the promotion has given me confidence in my ability as a recruiter. This will enable me to be able to help others coming into the business as new recruiters BUT I will always be open to hearing what works for others too.

Where do you see yourself in another years’ time?

Apart from taking the title of highest earning consultant from Liam??!...

Over the next year, I am working to be the best consultant possible. I hope to have continued to build a desk of brilliant clients to add to the ASR portfolio. I work with some brilliant businesses already so to add to that would be great. I love building relationships with the people, talking to and supporting my clients and candidates is the best part of this job.

And beyond a year… what does the future at Alexander Steele hold for you?

My job before joining Alexander Steele Recruitment was a Sales Manager where I managed a team of 9 people developing and coaching them through their role. I would love to be a leader again but know I need to further my recruitment skills before it is the right time for that. It’s important that I have built up enough knowledge of the industry before I am able to lead, coach and support others effectively but I plan to work toward that goal and look forward to the journey!