Passive Candidates – Why Our Network Is Your Most Valuable Tool

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​2022 has proven to be, without question, a candidate’s market; where each job seeker can afford to pick and choose their next job. We predict that attracting top talent will continue to be a challenge for businesses for some time to come. If you are currently seeking talent, you will probably be experiencing a lack of strong responses to your job ads and LinkedIn posts and this is where a network of passive candidates holds its true value.

Research conducted by LinkedIn shows that 70% of the global workforce could be classed as passive candidates while the remaining 30% were active. Put simply, if the right opportunity comes along and is pitched in the correct way, almost everyone will be willing to consider a change.

So, if the best talent for your role isn’t actively job seeking, how do you find them?

Strong Relationships

This is where our experienced consultants at Alexander Steele come in. We make it our business to understand consumer goods manufacturing better than anyone else. Having worked in this market for a combined total of over 50 years, our team have built up an extensive knowledge of those working within the industry. We take the time to get to know each candidate that we work with; and through this simple, yet effective method, we have built up a network of individuals who trust us with their next career move as they know, we have their best interests at heart.

Ease of application

We have a strong brand presence across the sector and as such, many of the best candidates on the market have a user profile registered on our website.They receive weekly updates of our vacancies most relevant to them straight into their inbox.

Social Media following

As before, our brand presence is strong. We have built up a LinkedIn following of over 17,000 industry professionals and share with them daily industry news, news within Alexander Steele as well as regular job vacancy postings. We have a genuine passion for the industry we work within and love engaging with the people we speak to every day. This continues to keep us relevant and helps to maintain the trust we have with our candidates.

Go beyond the typical places

We don’t just pop up an advert and wait to see what happens. We are talent seekers. As well as our own database, we have access to every relevant portal available and leave no stone unturned during our search.

As a team, we are extremely collaborative. Our consultants are constantly discussing their vacancies with one another and it’s amazing how often a team member will know or get a referral for the right individual for another consultants role!

Industry events

As you will have realised, we live and breathe consumer goods. The relationships we have are what enable us to continue to learn and grow as an agency and as individuals. We will always keep our ear to the ground and spend as much time nurturing these partnerships as we possibly can.

We are proud to repeatedly add value to our clients' businesses through our ability to find the best talent in the market. If you are considering engaging with us, take a look at our case studies as well as testimonials and get in touch to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!