The Power of PRIME

Alexandra Watt - Marketing & Resourcing Assistant Industry News


​Sports Drinks… Lucozade and Powerade have dominated the industry for years if not decades but in 2023 only one word dominates the market… PRIME.

‘PRIME Hydration is a naturally flavoured beverage with 10% coconut water, BCAAs, antioxidants + electrolytes to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel.’

Nothing new, right? Well ask anybody under the age of 16 and they will tell you, you’re wrong. Thanks to a viral campaign across YouTube by founders Logan Paul and KSI (who combined, have amassed a fanbase of 50k plus online!), PRIME is the only sports drink that anybody wants, thus demand has far outweighs supply and bottles of the elusive soft drink are being sold for up to £20 (or if you check eBay, up to £50!)

The drink comes in 5 different flavours; Meta Moon, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape and Orange and despite the recent craze, has been available in the US since early 2022 and Arsenal football team partnered up with the creators of PRIME back in July 2022.

Parents forums are currently rife with tips of where is stocking the drink and there have been reports of fights breaking out in the aisles of ASDA as kids pile the pressure on to secure the drink of the moment. The drink has become so popular that there’s even a Twitter account called ‘Prime Tracker UK’, which shares stock levels of the beverage and keeps people informed on where they can find the drink.

The craze around PRIME drinks will inevitably die down as all trends do but what continues to be proven and is going nowhere, is the power of online marketing and in particular, the power of social media.

In today’s day and age it is astonishing what social media platforms can do for brands, products and business’, it obviously isn’t anything new with the likes of the Kardashians really honing in on growing their wealth from Instagram and thus the influencer being born. However, what will never cease to be incredible, is how a product; if marketed right, and maybe by just the ‘right’ person, can turn into a frenzy.

No longer do brands need to run expensive and time-consuming advertising campaigns to sell their products… all you really need is a simple product, some creative content, 50 million subscribers and to reach the right audience at the right moment. Groundbreaking NPD this product may not be but like many ‘fads’ before it, PRIME is bound to stay in consumers minds for years to come…