Video Interviews - The Do's And Don'ts For Your Best Chance Of Success

Alexandra Watt - Marketing & Resourcing Assistant Advice

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​How we conduct business has shifted slowly over the last fifty years; mainly due to new resources, the birth of the internet and advances in technology. Gradually, more of our daily tasks were being conducted via the web and businesses started interacting with customers online but there has been an unprecedented change in the way we communicate since 2020, when our face-to-face interactions were stopped in their tracks, and we had no choice but adapt and learn how to use technology to keep the world of work moving.

Meetings became ‘Zooms’ (as did Saturday nights out!) and as a business, we were extremely grateful for the advances in video call technology as it enabled us and our clients to continue to conduct interviews with vital talent to keep the food and drink industry moving. Thankfully, office work and face-to-face meetings have resumed but after experiencing the efficiency ‘teams’ and ‘zoom’ calls brought to the process, many of our clients choose still to conduct first stage interviews this way.

Although sitting in your home can make things feel more casual, it is important to remain professional and treat a video call the same way you would face-to-face interview. To help you prepare, we have put together some dos and don’ts that you should consider when undertaking an online interview with a prospective employer.

  • Dress to impress– First impressions matter, show your interviewer how you would present yourself at work.

  • Make sure the room you are in is tidy – Much like the above, it is important to make a good first impression.

  • Make sure you are not lying down on bed or sofa – Would you conduct a face-to-face interview lying down? We hope not!

  • Sit in a brightly lit room – Video calls are the next best thing to being in a room with someone but that only works if they can see you!

  • Check your technology works – Nothing will throw off the start of an interview like getting flustered because your webcam is broken.

  • Make eye contact and make sure camera is at eye level – Engaging with your interviewer the same way you would if you were in a room with them is important, it won’t work in your favour if you are looking out of the window and seem distracted.

  • Have interesting questions prepared – Take the time to consider what you want out of this role and note some questions accordingly. The interview will flow far better if you treat it as a conversation rather than a question and answer session. Don’t be afraid to challenge the interviewer, this career move is important for you.

  • Listen carefully and don’t get distracted – Make sure that if anyone else is in the house, they know not to disturb you. Switch off any distracting appliances such as the washing machine.

  • Be Late – Show your interviewer that you value their time.

  • Fiddle with items while on the call – Much like before, it is important to prove you are focused on the process at hand.

  • Have your phone near you – Texts and calls coming through can be really distracting!

  • Eat or Drink – A glass of water is the norm but there is no need to be eating your lunch whilst you have this conversation!

  • Have closed off body language – Just because you aren’t in the room with your interviewer doesn’t mean you can’t put a smile on your face and engage as you usually would.

  • Use slang – Remember, you aren’t on Facetime with your friend.

  • Do it in your car – It’s important to show your interviewer that you have invested time in this interview and it’s important to you.

  • Do it on your phone – We know that sometimes this is unavoidable but do your best to set up the call so that you can showcase your best self!