Celebrating International Women's Day at Alexander Steele

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Today, we are celebrating International Women's Day and so there is no better time to sit down for a chat with our Operations Director and founder of our agency, Courtney Steele. With the news last month that women in board roles at UK’s biggest listed firms is above 40% for the first time in history*, it is clear that women's role in the work place continues to evolve. Granted, not all can yet be regarded as equal but this positive step is worth note. Since the early 1900s, women have celebrated International Women’s Day, campaigning for equal rights and shining a spotlight on brilliant women across the globe. Working in a male dominated industry, Courtney is passionate about seeing women succeed and has taken time out of her day to answer some questions...

What progress have you seen regarding gender equality in your life and work?

In all honesty, I recognise that I am extremely privileged to live and work in a time when women's rights and the topic of gender equality are not only prevalent but seeing constant shifts. Despite this, there is still bias in the work place; particularly when it comes to women around my age, 'career girls' who enter their 30s often see stagnation in their careers at this point as they make the choice between career and family. This choice is not one which affects the progression of men in the same way and there is much to be done by businesses and society to tackle this issue.

Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspires you

I could mention the memorable moments in history where women stood up for their rights and changed history, these inspire myself and women globally every day. However, nothing makes me more proud than seeing the women in my life take strides in their own careers. In fact, I never shy away from sharing that my three very best friends in this world run their own succesful businesses; The Face Planner, Professional Property Letting and D'Agostino Communications!

Why do we need more women in leadership?

For many years, men lead the way in the workplace, but women bring a different perspective and many fresh ideas to how 'things should be done.' Take a look at my article in Business Manchester for more of my thoughts on this topic!

What shift do you see in the industry you work in?

We are constantly speaking to clients about equality in hiring processes and what more we and they can do to entice more women into the manufacturing industry. This is an industry which offers a wealth of opportunity to women and many benefits which may have previously been overlooked. If you are considering a move into manufacturing, get in touch with me for a chat about the types of roles that we feel would be a great fit for you!

*Women in board roles