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How Has Technology Boosted The Food and Drink Industry?

By 7th June 2019 No Comments

The food and drink industry is the single largest aspect within the manufacturing sector in the UK, with the supply chain creating almost 4 million jobs nationwide. The current development of this industry can partially be thanks to the rapid growth of technology.

Information is now so easily accessed and machinery has increased efficiency of production, whilst also employing over 500,000 people in this agri-tech industry.

The internet, and how accessible it is, is largely beneficial to recruitment in this sector – as easy as being in the palm of our hands! As a result of this, communication is far more rapid than it was a decade ago – through giving everyone the choice of how they wish to find any information, particularly employment options such as; email, text messaging and websites however the main contender would be the vast array of apps and social media options such as LinkedIn.

Further technological advances have also had a predominate effect on the manufacturing machinery through producing goods more efficiently in order to; feed the ever-growing population, increase shelf life and improve the safety of what we’re eating.

The transformation of food production in using these smart technologies to the field, farm and factory will transform the “farm to fork” supply chain – says the Transforming Food Production Challenge at UK Research and Innovation.

This will result in; sustainable farming, nutritious and healthy food for us – whilst conserving the farmland and the environment in the future!

We are so pleased to see the positive effects technology has on the growth of the food and drink industry, how it benefits recruitment firms and the environment. If you are looking to fill a new vacancy for your team or are considering a new role in this sector, Ask Alexander and see the difference we can make to your search!

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– Susannah Law, Resourcing & Marketing Assistant